Our range of gun cabinets are tested and certified to approved standards. Secure solutions from 1 up to 18 guns,
including additional cash and jewellery ratings. All our gun cabinet models are approved by the association of insurance surveyors.

Gun Safes 1

Value Gun Safes – Pioneer

The Burton Pioneer 5 Gun Cabinet offers a secure space for storing guns. In this model there is space for a minimum 5 guns. The cabinet door is secured with a double bitted key lock with two keys supplied.

Inside you will find a foam gun holder and a lockable compartment, ideal for ammunition. To ensure you comply with gun regulations you can secure it to a solid floor or wall. With pre-drilled fixing holes in the base and rear.

All our gun cabinets and safes are tested and certified to the highest Sold Secure attack levels and approved by SBD, the Police Preferred Standard and exceed the current BS standards.

Gun Safes 2

Quality Gun Safes – Warden

The Warden LFS – 6 Gun Safe – Key Locking features a high security key lock for access. Inside the high density foam gun holder has space for a minimum of 6 guns. While, there is also a lockable compartment ideal for ammunition.

For peace of mind, the Warden is certified to Firearms Cabinets SS302:2020. It has been approved to the Silver Standard by Sold Secure. It also benefits from a recommended cash rating of £6,000 or £60,000 for valuables.

Tested and certified to the highest Sold Secure attack levels and approved by SBD, the Police Preferred Standard, exceeds the current BS standards and security tested for cash and valuables to EN1143-1 by IMP.

Gun Safes 3

Luxury (and Bespoke) Gun Safes – Krystal

It’s Krystal clear our range of display safes are designed for showing off and admiring your jewellery, antiques, watches, special gun collections, and other objects of beauty.

Careful attention to detail ensures a harmonious balance between beauty and security, all styled in a way that will enhance any room.

Each Krystal Display Safe is customisable with a choice of body paint finishes, internal colours, locking, handles and optional extras, making it easy to complement your existing décor.

Available in 3 different insurance grades and 4 different sizes, our Krystal range meets Police Preferred Standards for storing guns and firearms, is insurance approved for cash and valuables, and with it’s incredible glass display being resistant to bullets, axes, sledgehammers, grinders, drilling, and torch attacks offers the peace of mind you need to securely display all of your treasured items.


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